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Our Practice

The Lexcase Immigration & Global Mobility practice Group assists both corporations and individuals in securing immigration permits in France for business or personal purposes, and for the organization of their tax and corporate affairs in France and abroad, in liaison with local Counsel as necessary.

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Clients include :

  • Business managers who are non-European Union nationals who are to be appointed as directors of French subsidiaries of international groups,
    Sportsmen and women, actors, artistes, musicians, scientists and technicians working in France for French and foreign groups, or as independent professionals in their field.
  • Our bilingual team provides advice and strategic counsel in the development of a comprehensive corporate and fiscal strategy to transition employees and managers who are non-French nationals from temporary to permanent work-authorized French status, for the purpose of their business activities and those of their employers located in France.

In order to promote informed human resources decisions, we discuss the various alternative visa and legal possibilities with our clients to develop plans through which clients utilize multiple visa types, to avoid dependence on any one visa category.

Facilitating the issuance of employment visas by French consulates abroad, preparing employees to deal with all formalities and enquiries at French border crossing points, and counselling employers on all aspects of compliance and documentation required under French law (immigration, tax, social security (especially health, unemployment and retirement insurance) and labor law topics) : LEXCASE Immigration and Global Mobility Group advice is valued by all who transact business globally.

Our team develops, prepares, submits French work authorized visa petitions; represents clients before the relevant French Administration and French public authorities; and negotiates admission to France for key personnel required in France. Our corporate, tax and employment teams can advise on the appropriate structures and contracts for the projected activities in France.

We also advise clients for private and family needs related to immigration / naturalization issues in France.

Members of the Group have practical experience in the following areas:
Working permits for foreign employees and CEO : Business and working visas
Visa applications and naturalization applications for all foreign individuals in France
Specific visa applications for artistic, scientific, and athletic activities
Visas for spouses and members of couples, Family-based petitions visas and Family unification programs for foreign CEO and employees working in France
Tax and social security advice for employers and foreign employees arriving in France
Counsel French and foreign employees on labor law and social security issues tied to the hiring process of foreign employees in France
Litigation practice before Administrative Courts and Tribunals for Immigration and Naturalization law cases
Corporate advice in relation to French subsidiaries, status and liability of company directors and relevant business insurance

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