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About Us

Our legal team is composed of French Immigration lawyers who are exclusively devoted to French Immigration and Naturalization law for foreign clients in France.
We assist our client for all Immigration procedures in France (French consulates, French Immigration authorities).
Our Law Offices are based in Paris Lyon & Marseille but we work all accross the country before all the Prefectures and introduce visa applications before all French Consulates accross the World.
We represent individuals and businesses in meeting all of their personal and business immigration needs in France.

We provide French immigration services in the following areas :

• Work visas and Employment-based immigration• French Passport Talent
• Visitor Visas• Naturalization and French Citizenship matters
• Investor Visas• Permanent Resident Status
• Fiancée Visas• Competences and Skills Card
• Spouse Visas• Medical care for foreigners
• Student Visas• Assistance in Regularization process before Prefectures
• Tourist Visas
We help our clients to go through sometimes lengthy and overwhelmingly frustrating immigration process.Through an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legal, political and business context in which immigration issues arise in France, our French Immigration lawyers provide global immigration solutions to our clients.

Our legal team helps you with all your French immigration and French naturalization issues and we assist you in dealing with the French Administration. We do speak fluent English.

  1. APELBAUM Esq. is an Immigration lawyer trained and admitted to practice law in both legal systems: American and French legal systems. As a French trained lawyer, he has a strong specialization in Administrative and Immigration Law in France. He is qualified at the Paris Bar and the New York Bar.

Please note that our office does not provide with professional legal translations of legal documents.

Please note that we cannot reply to all personal and individual queries posted on our web site. For personal assistance, please call : +33 7 69 16 11 51 or send us an email directly to rapelbaum@lexcase.com

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